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Download 拳皇命運 APK For Android, APK File Named com.gm99.qh And APP Developer Company Is G妹在線 . Latest Android APK Vesion 拳皇命運 Is 拳皇命運 4.00.203 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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《拳皇命運》是一款由G妹遊戲傾力打造的SNK正版授權手遊,完美復刻街機,再燃格鬥熱血!歷代人氣格鬥家匯集,打造KOF最強競技,經典3v3公平對決,帶來街機超爽PK體驗。首創段位排名格鬥電競模式、享受速度與激情的飆車玩法、3V3組隊MOBA推塔、社交十足的跨服匹配、以武會友的武道館…這裡還有你從未有過的格鬥熱血。 遊戲特色—— SNK正版授權格鬥手遊 《拳皇命運》打造精美畫質,並由聲優原班人馬傾情獻聲。首次呈現闖南鎮、戰吉斯、鬥盧卡爾、對決大蛇等完整劇情! 經典街機 完美復刻 格鬥之魂不滅!還原經典街機,連招、大招、翻滾等操作帶來超爽PK體驗,情懷複刻「一幣通關」街機玩法,讓格鬥喚醒熱血! 歷代角色 共啟新篇 歷代角色因命運再度集結!草薙京、八神庵、不知火舞等格鬥家齊聚《拳皇命運》。任意招募格鬥家,一起來KOF爭霸,開創拳皇新紀元! 公平競技 無屬性PK 跨服匹配,經典3V3對決,所召喚的格鬥家,無屬性數值加成,靠操作征服對手!快重返KO戰場,是時候向世界證明你最強! MOBA競技 3V3推塔 突破傳統,全新體驗!首創格鬥與MOBA融為一體的即時對戰新模式,讓玩家與好友組隊推塔,看誰能守到最後! 語音互動 武道會友 是兄弟戰在身邊!語音系統讓好友即時援助,隨時隨地揪團戰個痛快!除了語音,同為格鬥愛好者,還能以武會友進行熱血交流! "Fighting of the King of Fighters" is a SNK genuine authorized mobile game created by the G sister game, perfect for re-enacting arcades, re-burning fighting blood! Popular fighters from all ages gathered to create the strongest KOF competition, the classic 3v3 fair showdown, and bring the arcade super cool PK experience. The first stage ranks fighting esports mode, the speed and passion of the car game, the 3V3 team MOBA push tower, the social full cross-service match, the martial arts hall of the Wuhui friends... here are the fighting blood you have never had before. Game features - SNK genuine authorized fighting hand tour "Fighting of the King of Fighters" creates exquisite picture quality, and the original voice of the seiyuu is dedicated. For the first time, the complete story of Weinan Town, Zhanjisi, Douka, and the Big Snake! Classic arcade perfect replica The fighting spirit is not destroyed! Restore the classic arcade, even the tricks, big moves, tumbling and other operations bring super cool PK experience, feelings of engraving "one currency clearance" arcade gameplay, let the fighting wake up the blood! The role of the past generations Historical characters have once again assembled due to fate! The grasshoppers, the eight gods, the fire dancers and other fighters gathered in the "Fighting of the King of Fighters". Arbitrarily recruiting fighters, come to KOF for hegemony, and create a new era of King of Fighters! Fair play without attributes PK Cross-service match, classic 3V3 showdown, summoned fight home, no attribute value bonus, rely on operation to conquer opponents! Come back to the KO battlefield, it is time to prove to the world that you are the strongest! MOBA Athletics 3V3 Push Tower Break through tradition, a new experience! The new mode of instant battle between the first fight and MOBA allows players and friends to team up to see who can keep it to the end! Voice interaction It’s a brother fighting! The voice system allows your friends to help immediately, and you can fight for it anytime, anywhere! In addition to voice, as a fighting enthusiast, you can also exchange blood with Wuhui friends!

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Added: 2018-10-18 10:05:24
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Updated: 2018-11-15 01:48:51

《拳皇命運》將於2018年10月11日10:00正式開戰!現已提前開啟預下載!暢快格鬥,經典街機,用拳頭KO一切,Ready Go!

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